Cree Hunters and Trappers Income Security Board

Harvesting and Related activities

The harvesting activities are all activities involved in the exercise of the right to harvest excluding commercial fishing.

The related activities are associated with harvesting activities generally carried out by women, and also activities commonly practiced by those who also practice harvesting activities, including:

  • Inter alia, making or repairing equipment used in hunting, fishing and trapping activity
  • Preparation of food supplies, clothing, habitations, materials, equipment and land improvements necessary for harvesting activities
  • Picking and processing wild berries
  • Processing, transportation and marketing of the products of harvesting activities
  • Making of handicrafts from products of harvesting within the household
  • Remedial works, protection and enhancement of wildlife
  • Surveys or management of wildlife to assist harvesting activity
  • Transportation to and from bush camps and harvesting sites
  • The work carried out as a member of a Local Income Security Program Committee, not exceeding ten days per year
  • Time spent in a mandatory course for firearm use not exceeding 3 days per year.

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Did you know?
The name Eastmain comes from “East
Main House” and
is pronounced
in Cree, meaning
“Lands east
of James Bay”.