Cree Hunters and Trappers Income Security Board

The Program

The Cree Hunters and Trappers Income Security Program is family program which provides an annual income to Crees who choose hunting, trapping and fishing activities as a way of life. It encourages Crees to pursue harvesting activities by providing them with an income guarantee, benefits and other incentives.

Benefits from the Program are calculated based on the number of days the adults of the family spend harvesting in the bush as well as an additional guaranteed amount which is based on the number of adults and children in the family unit. To enroll on the Program the head of the family must spend at least 120 days conducting harvesting and related activities in the bush and must do so each year to remain on the Program. Seasonal or temporary work is possible however, all income received is taken into account in the calculations of benefits. The Benefits are calculated at the beginning of the year based on an estimation of the time the adults of the family will be spending in the bush during the year. An annual amount is established, and then divided into four quarterly payments, issued during an interview conducted by the local administrator of the Cree community in September, December, April and June of each year.