Cree Hunters and Trappers Income Security Board
The Director General, Receives Award


The North American Furbearer Conservation Award was given to Serge Larivière for his dedicated involvement in activities which promote the sustainable use of furbearers. With a background in wildlife biology and a passion for trapping, Larivière’s involvement with trappers and trapping associations has spanned over a decade, working as a columnist, editor, and advisor to national organizations, including the Fur Institute of Canada. 

Recently, Larivière has been actively promoting the wise use and management of furbearers with First Nations of Quebec, as Director General of the Cree Hunters & Trappers Income Security Board. 

The Fur Institute of Canada is the country’s lead expert on humane trap research and furbearer conservation and serves as the official trap-testing agency for the Government of Canada and all provincial and territorial governments. The mission of the Institute is to promote the wise and sustainable use of Canada’s fur resources. For more information, please contact Rob Cahill, Executive Director, Fur Institute of Canada at 613.231.7099 x 226.